Mental Health Services

Mental health services research Dr. Byers' lab has published:

Morin RT, Li Y, Karel MJ, Consolino T, Hwong A, Clark R, Byers AL. Comorbidity profiles in older patients last seen by mental health prior to suicide attempt. Aging and Mental Health, 2023 Aug 7:1-6. [Online ahead of print]

Byers AL, Lai AX, Nelson C, Yaffe K. Predictors of mental health services use across the life course among racially-ethnically diverse adults. American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 2017 Nov; 25(11):1213-1222.  PMC5654662

Byers AL, Lai AX, Arean P, Nelson JC, Yaffe K. Mental health services use across the life course among adults with psychiatric disorders and prior suicidal behavior. Psychiatric Services, 2016; 67(4):452-455.  PMC4818162.

Byers AL, Arean PA, Yaffe K. Low use of mental health services among older Americans with mood and anxiety disorders. Psychiatric Services, 2012; 63(1):66-72.  PMC3726310.