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Dr. Byers' work has received widespread media coverage for the many projects her lab has undertaken.

Northern California Institute for Research and education

Understanding Suicide in Older Veterans (2024)

"Approximately 70% of Veteran suicide deaths are in Veterans 50 years and older. In addition, Veterans 50 years and older make up the majority (70%) of the Veteran population. Thus, suicide among older Veterans is important on multiple levels for me to study." 

- Dr. Amy Byers

New York Times

Mental Illness May Affect Dementia Risk, Research Suggests (2023)

Public Health Post

How PTSD, Suicide, and Overdose Death Come Together in Late Life (2023)

Medpage Today

Multimorbidity Patterns and Healthcare Utilization in Vets With Schizophrenia (2023)

UCSF Geriatrics

News from Division of Geriatrics

Amer Soc on Aging

Does Dementia or Mild Cognitive Impairment Increase Suicide Risk? (2021)

US News/World Rep

Suicide Attempts Spike Soon After Dementia Diagnosis (2021)