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Here are some recently published literature from the Byers Lab:  

Morin RT, Li Y, Karel MJ, Consolino T, Hwong A, Clark R, Byers AL. Comorbidity profiles in older patients last seen by mental health prior to suicide attempt. Aging and Mental Health, 2023 Aug; 7:1-6.

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Barry LC, Steffens DC, Covinsky KE, Conwell Y, Boscardin WJ, Li Y, Byers AL. High risk of substance use disorder-related outcomes in Veterans released from correctional facilities in mid-to-late-life. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 2023 Apr; 38(5):1109-1118.

Goldstein L, Jakubowski KP, Huang AJ, Seal K, Maguen S, Inslicht S, Byers AL, Gibson CJ. Lifetime history of interpersonal partner violence is associated with insomnia among midlife women veterans. Menopause, 2023 April 1; 30(4):370-375.

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